The Organic Boho is a 100% organic & vegan food concept developed in Ibiza by the two Danish sisters Karina & Maria Bruun. The concept is part of Organic Boho’s lifestyle and holistic view of the world, where plant-based food, sustainability, yoga, animal welfare and music are a higher unit. Reliability and authenticity are key words for the hard-working sisters.

With a lunch from Organic Boho you get a colorful and different lunch experience. Each week, the menu will offer a mix of signature dishes such as wraps and budhha bowls, and dishes inspired by all corners of the world, as well as reimagined “traditional” dishes such as plant-based tartelettes. Often decorated with edible flowers and always spiced up with love for the food.

Organic Boho’s vision is to be economically, socially and environmentally sustainable. They are passionate about greening the world – for present and future generations.


E-mail: carl@theorganicboho.com

The Organic Boho

Paradisæblevej 28,
2500 Valby

Sunday – Thursday:
10.00 – 21:00

Friday – Saturday:
10.00 – 22.00


Email: carl@theorganicboho.com


Email: administration@theorganicboho.com