The Organic Boho

The Organic Boho holds the high intention to be of service to all by inspiring health and sustainability of our planet, as well as each individuals personal growth.

The Organic Boho is a 100% organic & vegan food concept developed in Ibiza by the two Danish sisters Karina & Maria Bruun. The concept is holistic thought out and moves within the following communities: plant based food, sustainability, yoga, animal welfare and music. We support these scenes and influence the influencers in a core, authentic and trustworthy way. Our fans and communities don’t just buy our products the buy into the lifestyle.

We ALWAYS give a 100% to the 10% – which means we dedicate 100% of our focus to the 10% very committed and loyal brand lovers of The Organic Boho. This way the 10% will influence the remaining 90%.

Our vision: is that our entire business is run in a way that is economically, socially and environmentally sustainable. Which means our business is helping to meet the needs of both present and future generations – Yes! We want to save our planet

Our mission: is to create the best products, promote and enforce sustainability both locally and globally, use our business to inspire and implement solutions to the environmental and health crisis we are in.


Our values: 

IntegrityAbsolute transparency and realness.

Leadership –  Have the heart to create a better future.

Passion –  We ALWAYS go 100 % heart – Lukewarm is NO good.

Collaboration  Leverage collective genius.

QualityWhat we do, we do well.

Accountability –  If it is to be, it’s up to me.

Live the Brand –  Inspire creativity, passion, optimism and fun.



The Organic Boho

Paradisæblevej 28,

2500 Valby

+45 53 81 54 59

Opening Hours

Tuesday – Thursday:
11.30 – 21:00

11.30 – 22:00

10.00 – 22.00

10.00 – 21.00