100% PLANT-BASED & organic menu – Ingrediens is seasonal so if you have allegies ask us. 

I am all In: BUrger, fries & ICED TEA 169,-

Choose falafel, cauliflower or tempeh patty. Choose a glutenfree version for 5,- ekstra.

Only the burger 129,-

I am special: Salad with aN ICED TEA 149,-

Choose falafel, sweet potato fries, cauliflower or tempeh.

Only the salad 109,-

I am grateful: Wrap with aN ICED TEA 139,-

Choose falafel, sweet potato fries, cauliflower or tempeh.

Only the wrap 99,-

Rainbow Brunch: 189,-(10-14)(with an iced tea 199,-)

Avocado on ryebread, a shot, butter, marmelade, glutenfree bun, breakfast bowl, sweet fries with chili mayo, cake & pancakes with fruits.

love plate: 189,-(14-19)(with an iced tea 199,-)

A vegan plate with hot and cold options, salad bowl with dressing, avocado bread, fried cauliflower, sweet potato fries, chili mayo, homemade glutenfree falafels, bread and plant-based butter and cake. 

side dishes:

Avocado on ryebread with chili mayo, cherry tomatoes & salted almonds 89,-

Fried cauliflower with lemon, salted almonds  chili mayo 49,-

Sweet potato fries 45,-

4 falafels with chili mayo 49,-

Chili mayo, aioli, goma or estragon dressing 19,-

Dreakfast bowls: 89,-

I am radiant 

Acai bowl with fruits, granola & peanut butter.

I am seasonal 

Colorful bowl with fruits, granola, coconut flakes.  

Superfood iced tea: 49,-

All our iced teas are seasonal


Ginger, lemon, tea, lemongrass, blue spirulina, agave.


Raspberry, pink pitaya, tea, agave


Star anise, cloves, orange, cinnamon sticks, tea.  

smoothies: 59,-

I am joyful

Acai smoothie with bananas, raw cacao & dates.

I am amazing

Avocado, banana, spinach, matcha, aloe vera, ginger & aloe vera.

I am magic

Raw cacao, dates, banana peanut butter & avocado.


Cupcake 45,-

Cookies 35,-

Protein ball 25,- 

Rainbow lattes: 49,-

Blue latte with aloe vera, agave & oat milk .

Pink pitaya with aloe vera, agave & oat milk.

Golden tumeric with cinnamon, ginger, agave & oat milk.

Green matcha with aloe vera, agave & oat milk.




Raising animals for food uses 30% of the earth’s land mass – that’s the size of Asia. The more we eat, the fewer people we can feed and if we continue with business as usual we will by 2050 be needing 2,3 planets worth of ressources.


Our entire business is run in a way that is economically, socially and environmentally sustainable. It means that our business is helping to meet the needs of both present and future generations – Yes! We want to save our planet.




870 mio. people were under nourished between 2015-2017. 2,8 mio. people died from diseases related to obesity or overweight in that same period. We wasted 2, 6 billion tons of food from 2015-2017.