the classic taste:
We have a chocolate cheesecake with a creamy consistency that  comes together with a melted chocolate topping.
In most of our cakes we use organic agave syrup as a sweetener, here we have only Medjool dates! We really made some magic with the consistency, creaminess and taste!
The raw bites:
We serve our bites in the very popular brunch and love plate, and of course, it can be ordered separately for any catering and customized in flavours and colours. Our most popular is the snickers bite, but recently we are testing a new recipe, soon coming out our new bounty bite with blue spirulina and much more.


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Book The Organic Boho for your next event. 

Every event will be costumized for you & your guests. We strive to make the colours match your theme of the day, season & event so you & your guests will receive an absolutely unforgettable Boho day.

No event or catering is to big for us – We have executed numerous events for +500 people. Our customers includes Fashion brands, Music labels, sports events, festivals, the government, weddings, birthdays, customized events eg. at the beach, forrest. Our corporate customers includes Microsoft, Nordea, Ramboll and Google just to name a few.


Contact The Organic Boho for questions:

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Planning a private dinner or event? – we can provide you with a 100% sustainable private dining experience together with our plant based chefs.

 You’ll be able to impress your guests and reduce your CO2 footprint by choosing a 100% organic & plant based dinner experience. You will actively contribute to helping our planet and at the same enjoy an beautiful and sustainable meal, so please don’t hesitate to contact us for a customised offer. 


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The Organic Boho does retreats all over the world – it is simply up to you. We will provide you with our chefs whom will cook healthy & detoxifying plant based and organic food and elixirs based on the local resource range so you are able to take care of your guests wellbeing & concentrate only on your classes in blissful surroundings.

We will make sure your guests will get recharged with energy, strength, C-vitamins and cleansifying food.



We have used a lot of time on developing our own plant based, organic classes the boho way, and on this course we will teach you how to make our very best kept secrets. How to style your food with various colours and show simple technics that you can use in your daily routines.



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