Are you looking for the perfect gift card? Maybe for that someone special friend, family member or colleague who you think needs inspiration?

Now you have the change to buy a cooking class as a gift card . It is a great experience attending our cooking classes, as you learn how to use ingrediens you never used before, and to think in different lanes, and get a different perspective on vegan food. We are not doctors, but we know a lot about food, veganism and what works!

We all have our different reasons for being a vegan. It can either be because we have health problems such as high blood pressure, or we basically don’t support the animal consumption industry. It also could  be because you get stomach problems, obesity or allergies that you give veganism a change. You can read all about what you will learn and get here:

If you buy a giftcard before the 20th of December you get a 100DKK in discount and a bohobag from our shop. Contact for getting a giftcard.


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