Cooking Classes

Learn how to make fun, colourful & nutritious food with THE ORGANIC BOHO. At our cooking classes we will teach you the basic secrets behind our amazing dishes.

You will learn the reason why we use the ingredients we do and their function for our health & wellbeing. We will teach you to think in a different way through colours and taste.

What will I learn?

How to make a colorful acai bowl with toppings

We will teach you how to make your own acai bowl with toppings so you can impress your friends and which basics that works best for an amazing taste and consistency .

How to make a Vegan organic & gluten free burger

We have used a lot of time on developing our own vegan, organic patty the boho way, and on this course we will teach you how to make this delicious patty with red beet. We will also show and teach you how to make our very best secret dressings, with ingrediens such as Matcha, edamame, black ferment garlic, sorrel & edible flowers.

How to ferment the boho way

You will learn the basic methods to produce and ferment red onions the boho way. And we will teach you the importance of each product and guide you through it step by step.

All this you will learn from the founders of THE ORGANIC BOHO. Karina will introduce you and give you a proper introduction to the vegan lifestyle and what it is about, and Maria that has an education, as a personal trainer/Nutritiun coach will be by your side going through all the steps of our amazing food step by step.

Oh, and all the food you make is for you to take home and enjoy.

What will you receive?

  • Welcome detox juice to start your day of right with a good energy.
  • The whole production you make you will receive with you home.
  • Knowledge and skills for living a healthier and colourful lifestyle.
  • Assistance and care through ward the whole day from Maria and her helpers so you can concentrate about the most important things.

Where and what?

  • WHERE: Slagtehusgade 11A, 1705 København V
  • TIME: 3,5 HOURS.
  • PRICE: DKK 1095,- PR.PERSON*.

New cooking classes available. For attending please sent an email to


 Januar d.7/01. 17:30-21:30

 Januard.8/01. 17:30-21:30 


 Februar d.4/02. 17:30-21:30

 Februar d.5/02. 17:30-21:30


 Marts d.4/03. 17:30-21:30

 Marts d.5/03. 17:30-21:30

* We reserve the right to cancel the cooking class if there is less than 15 participants registered.

* The money must be paid latest 2 days before start into account number: 5078 0001205443 (Jydske Bank) marked with name, date and “cooking classes”.