We have almost no waste at THE ORGANIC BOHO!

As time goes by, we all get better in what we do, and thank god for that.

We test everyday in how we can use our “leftovers” in other ingrediens so we get down to almost zero waist. Lately we have changed our menu from sommer to winter menu, because we are aware of seasons, and that we people are in need of other vitamins during the seasons. In summer we need a lot of hydration, and summer fruits such as watermelon, pineapple, peaches & bananas. In the winter the sun is long gone in Scandinavia and it is cold, so therefore we need something for strengthen our bones, and something that will keep the inflammations away such as red beet, carrots ginger.

How to recycle?

Our new favorite juice is “I AM UNIQUE” winter edition with Red beet, carrots, ginger & aloe vera. From our juice we get A LOT OF PULP, and that we use for our burger patties, but not only for that but also for making raw cakes and protein balls! Our latest discovery is making latte from our juices mixed with vegan milk! OMG! That is a winner!




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